Things to do

Yoga on the earth near a creek,
sunset and sunrise 90 minute flow


Take time for your yoga practice and enjoy an overnight stay, healthy meals and optional activities. Experience the sounds, smells and feel of the earth, water, sky and wildlife with the comforts of home at this rustic homestay retreat. Book here Yoga by Victoria.

Overnight accommodation

There are 5 bedrooms each with a queen or king bed available or camp out and see the stars at night, with your own gear! The Big House has 3 rooms and 1 bathroom including a claw foot bathtub on the deck outside. The Little House has 2 rooms and 1 bathroom. Make a reservation for limited spaces available with Yoga by Victoria.

Nourishment & Food

A menu plan has been designed to be nourishing and affordable and is included in the cost for the retreat. Eleanor the owner and operator of the retreat homestay will prepare refreshments and breakfast using seasonal local ingredients and we will share a potluck supper.

Welcome – Come have a custom smoothie on your arrival served at The Kitchen in the Little House. There will be refreshments during your stay.

Special Needs – Both houses have kitchens if you have special dietary needs.

Hydration – Fresh spring water is available from any tap on the property so go ahead and drink plenty! A supply of teas and coffee is available for you to prepare for yourself.

Dinner – Please bring salad making ingredients to share for supper after Evening Yoga. Stash your food in the refrigerator in the Big House when you get here. We will put together a feast all together after Evening Yoga.

Breakfast – Look forward to a filling breakfast after Morning Yoga with vegetarian and vegan options at The Kitchen in the Little House. Check the Menu posted on the blog for updates.

Elimination – This homestead is a fully functional yet fragile domicile in an area zoned as conservation and watershed. There is a traditional WC(water). in each house for you to use as well as an outdoor WC(waterless). which you are encouraged to use for water conservation. If you are interested in water conservation and the latest technology see my blog for more details.

Things to do

While you are here you can explore the property and relax in various seating areas. Meditate in the Tree Fort or just chill there with others. Cool down in the swimming hole or just lounge on the big rocks. Eleanor will take you on a creek crawl through the dry creek bed and you can find a totem stick or stone to remember your experience.

Tree Fort

There is a Tree Fort in the tree to the side of the Big House for your use – it’s very enjoyable to spend time meditating in the very heart of nature; hearing the beautiful song birds surround you and stream gushing through the rocks.


The woods are all around and there is plenty of wild life and you should watch for deer when driving on Mix Canyon Rd.