Things to do

Things to do

Mix Canyon

The road has very light traffic, sometimes none at all. People use the road to hike, jog and bicycle.


If you are interested in learning some pottery or maybe you are an expert and just want to use the Pottery Studio then just ask and I will be happy to arrange a custom session. Please be aware that you may need to be able to return on a later date, or stay long enough for your work to get bone dry to fire it – it might be possible to mail your piece after it’s been fired depending on how fragile the piece is.

Nearby Attractions

You are 7 miles to the nearest town of Vacaville where a full range of dining, shopping and local happenings are available. Historic Winters is a 20 minute drive on the back roads through beautiful country. Lake Berryessa is in the opposite direction towards Napa where boating enthusiasts can rent boats. Lake Solano is a 10 minute drive where you can picnic, swim and go rowing.

The Creek

The creek surrounds the property and there are a a couple of ways to access the stream during the summer when the water is low. In the winter if there is a big rain storm you can hear the creek crashing as the water rises and you need to keep a safe distance. There is a swimming hole which has water during the early summer months if it’s not a drought year.

Observation Deck

There is an observation deck in the tree to the side of the house for your use – it’s very enjoyable to spend time meditating in the very heart of nature; hearing the beautiful song birds surround you and stream gushing through the rocks. Please be particularly careful especially with children as the sides of the deck are open.


There is a chicken coop on the property housing 4 chickens, which are free to roam during the day and they will return home by themselves at night; they are taken care of a neighbor – please do check the coop in the morning for some tasty wholesome eggs for your breakfast!


The woods are all around and there is plenty of wild life and you should watch for deer when driving on Mix Canyon Rd.

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