Where I stand on the issues asked at the Candidate Forum March 7, 2018 Jelly Belly

I listened to the live feed and while I sounded like a newbie (and I am) I made relevant points worth expanding upon.

Economic Development – The cities of Vacaville and Dixon have City staff to serve their constituents needs and concerns while the unincorporated region of District 4 primarily agriculture and watershed rely on county administrative staff to regulate and govern over the growth and development sought by the land owners in the region.


7 pm 2nd Thursdays at the admin building in Fairfield -next meeting March 15, let’s hope they don’t cancel it…..

My feeling is that people living and working their land here in unincorporated Solano County need a voice and are not heard by their representative, so I aim to change that.

I don’t have the answers to everything but I know how to persist and focus asking questions, making an evaluation and being brave enough to try a solution. We need to work together, have more conversations and look for what we share in common that will bear fruit if we tend to it. Organic growth that originates from a pressing need not unlike barn raising of the past, we need to do some barn raising to stay viable and be part of the overall strategic vision we desire for our lives.

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