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My credentials include an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute and a career as a technology data analyst, programmer and project manager designing, crafting and implementing services and products in customer service, heavy industry, health insurance, retail, nonprofit and government. I am a third generation Vacaville native with kindness, conservation, and curiosity for life as core values. I seek solutions when faced with problems and find the facts, uphold the rule of law and collaborate with all stakeholders. The ten years I served the non public safety departments at the City of Vacaville taught me vital negotiating skills navigating the bureaucratic hierarchy and understanding the commitment taken by those in public office. It will be my priority to bring people together, listen to your concerns and be proactive in finding solutions. I am an artist and homemaker, a land steward and an independent thinker. A time comes when a person is called to serve and while it is not easy it’s the right thing to do. Our land is rich with natural resources that must be protected for future generations. We are the bread basket in Solano with rich soil, water rights and a pioneer spirit to build a better tomorrow.

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